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Technology Gate Holdings

accelerating development

Technology Gate Poland is one of the largest manufacturers of devices using GSM technology in Poland. With the ever growing popularity of our equipment is a systematic increase in production which in 2016 amounted to over 250 000 units.

For the purposes of the activities we established brand of its own, but the key for us is to produce devices (smartphones, seniorphones, mobile phones 2G and tablets) for our trading partners (white label) using our know-how.

As a manufacturer, we are prepared both to make equipment on Polish territory as well as in China. Our own sales offices in HK, Shenzhen and cooperation with selected factories in China give us confidence in adherence to timeliness of contracts and to maintain the highest quality equipment.

The huge success of its own brand on the Polish market QSmartis proof that what we do is something customers expect from us.


Vision & Mission

Technology Gate Poland objective is to become the broadband provider of choice in all our markets and to provide over 300 million potential customers in our countries of operation with fast, reliable and high-quality services in technology 2G & 3G & 4G that all people can fully benefit from the internet world and to accelerate development and wealth creation.


Our values are the foundation on which the company is built: Everything is possible when done with integrity, humility, humanity and innovation. This is how we approach every aspect of our job, every service and product we offer, and how we deal with our customers, partners and our staff.

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